See inside the GERALDINE LUSTGARTEN's workshop to learn the process behind our pieces.


Geraldine Lustgarten, Creative Director of GERALDINE LUSTGARTEN, designs her collections in Barranquilla, Colombia. Working alongside her are the artisans attached to the atelier who will ultimately bring her creations to life. The design studio interprets her sketches - a simple technical drawing is enough, allowing them to understand the balance of the piece, including how it will hang on the body and its styling.


The GERALDINE LUSTGARTEN brand wants to empower the women that wear its pieces as well as the women that create them. This is why our team of seamstresses is made up of mostly mothers who are the sole bread winners and who provide for their homes. 


Now the pattern comes in stage. The pattern maker interpret a design with a practical understanding of garment construction. Held in place with weights, the garment’s shape is drawn with absolute precision using chalk to trace the lines of the pattern.  


When the ateliers receive the drawing from the design studio, they set to work on prototypes, for the pieces to be shown. At least three fittings are required to achieve the perfect result. 


These fittings involve an exchange of technical knowledge and artisanal excellence, as the Creative Director and design studio's desires are made a reality. Once the prototype has been approved, it goes to manufacturing.


There you have it, the garment is now completely formed. Now the jacket begins a second life. The prototype has been approved and it is ready to go to production. It is made in small production runs, and will be ready for it's new owner to purchase